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Marcella Franczkowski tours Winfield Elementary School in Carroll County

Assistant State Superintendent Marcella Franczkowski had the pleasure of visiting Winfield Elementary School in Carroll County Public Schools on March 4, 2021. Ms. Franczkowski was accompanied by Salimah Jasani, special education liaison to the Western Region of Maryland.

At Winfield, they were delighted to visit the classroom of Tina Baker, an Autism Program teacher who was recently recognized by Governor Hogan in his State of the State address. Ms. Baker has been teaching students in special programs in the face-to-face setting since the summer. Ms. Franczkowski and Ms. Jasani had the opportunity to watch Ms. Baker skillfully deliver concurrent instruction, in which she taught her face-to-face and virtual students at the same time, with virtual students participating from home via webcam. 

They also saw in action Katie Lesniak, Autism Program Teacher; Kristyn McComas, early childhood teacher; and Amy Palazzo, Speech Pathologist. They were delighted to see so many Carroll County students engaging in face-to-face classroom instruction. CCPS has already brought in many students with disabilities for 4 days a week of face-to-face instruction, and this month, they will expand to give all students the opportunity to participate in face-to-face instruction 4 days a week. 

Ms. Franczkowski and Ms. Jasani are grateful for the district and school administrators who took the time to give them a tour of Winfield Elementary today: Nick Shockney, Director of Special Education; Steve Wernick, Director of Elementary Schools; Chris Wittle, Special Education Supervisor; and John Code, Assistant Principal of Winfield Elementary School. 

Special appreciation as well to Principal Katie Purper and Assistant Principal Brynn Falise.

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