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Secondary Transition Toolkit: College Assessments

College Assessments help your students identify their learning styles, examine their study skills, and assess their college readiness. There is also an observation form that can be used with students in an education setting and a planning tool to keep track of the information gathered and compare different educational options.

We encourage you to use these assessments as well as transition assessments from other sources to gather and organize information on your students in order to prepare them for a seamless transition from school to adult life.

A Guide to Assessing College Readiness

Author: Landmark College

Access Assessment Here

A Guide to Assessing College Readiness has parents or students rate themselves on five “essential foundations” that are necessary for students with learning disabilities and ADHD to be successful in college: academic skills, self-understanding, self-advocacy, executive function, and motivation and confidence. This assessment uses a checklist format to identify student strengths and needs.

AGE GROUP: High School

TIME: 30 minutes

College Prep Checklist

Author: Federal Student Aid Information Center – An office of the U.S. Department of Education

Access Assessment Here

The College Prep Checklist is in a pamphlet format that contains multiple checklists. Checklists are included about financial aid and for college preparation by grade (elementary school to middle school and high school). There are checklists specific for the student and for parents as well as additional resources.

AGE GROUP: Middle School and High School

TIME: 45 minutes

Study Habits Questionnaire 

Author: South Dakota Public Schools

Access Assessment Here*

The Study Habits Questionnaire is a two-page assessment to help students identify their study habits. Students are given scenarios and asked how likely they would be to choose from several actions.

AGE GROUP: Middle School and High School

TIME: 10 minutes

What’s Your Learning Style? 

Author:Marcia L. Connor

Access Assessment Here*

“What’s Your Learning Style?”asks questions to help students identify if they are a visual, auditory, or tactile/kinesthetic learner. There are twelve statements, and students choose the response that is most like them.

AGE GROUP: Middle School and High School

TIME: 15 minutes

Education Goal/Program Matching Tool

Author:  Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education

Access Assessment Here

The Education Goal/Program Matching Tool helps students to compare their wants, likes, and needs with up to three education program choices.

AGE GROUP:  Middle School and High School

TIME:  30 – 60 minutes

* This pdf is not 100% accessible and is not a required resource.

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